Thursday, July 20, 2017  
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The Big 10 tournament

Melissa DeMoss shows you some behind the scenes photos of the Big 10 tournament.


Melissa's report from the Big 10 tourney

 Here's Melissa DeMoss' final report from the Big 10 basketball tournment.


Prior to the Big10 Finals game, they run a 5K race. The Wisconsin crew returned again this year with accordion in tow to cheer on their team. After the 5K, a pep rally is held outside Conseco. Free food, beverages, and souvenirs. It was crowded and compared to last year’s there were not as many vendors participating.

Two young students from that school up north sold me some excellent seats below face value so they could return home with a little money. They even surprised me with an OH-IO for buying them. They shall remain nameless to avoid harassment by their fellow students. The seats were behind the basket three rows from the floor.

This year the vendors were not allowed inside any business connected with the tournament and the city does not they sell a license to vend on the streets, however you can run into entrepreneurs here and there. Last year a young lady was selling necklaces with the Ohio state players names on them; Turner being the most popular. This year it was Craft’s turn to help provide a little income.

For those in this that still doubt Diebler’s ability, among the out of state Big10 fans, he is a highly respected player. They also asked anyone in red what “we” are going to do with sweater-vest man, and most of them think he should be fired. On the topic of tattoos, they think the NCAA has better things to do than monitor what people sell, as long as it legally belongs to them.

My seat was against the rail where the OSU players went into the locker room. They were really good to the little kids, always stopping to sign autographs and posing for pictures when time permits. I could see the Dieblers being interviewed before the game. I also got an unexpected high five from Jared Sullinger as he went by. I decided if Jared was going to offer his hand, the least I could do is give him five back.

After the game, when they were presenting the trophy. Matta managed to just say OH-with the crowd responding IO, and as he started to continue he managed a sentence or two and then the fireworks went off obliterating anything he was going to say. He just laughed and gave the microphone back. The players cut down the nets then went over to see the parents. Last year they let the parents come down to the floor, this year the players went to them. Jon and Jake were having a family moment and you could tell both were rather emotional, Dallas came to the rescue, putting his hand on Jon’s shoulder, ribbing him about not crying. For the senior it was a bittersweet moment as this was their last Big10 tournament.

In conclusion, I can’t say enough about how welcome the people who work in Indy make you feel. The security at Conseco is extremely fan friendly, yet do their jobs well. There were three major events taking place downtown while we were there for the weekend. The Big10 tournament, a huge dirt bike competition at Lucas Oil Stadium, a cheerleading/dance competition at the Convention Center, and the boys high school basketball tournaments. Despite the crowding at the various places the people were more than accommodating. The entire visit we felt like they actually enjoyed having everyone there, despite the congestion. I plan on returning some summer day just to go sight seeing; the city has a great deal to offer.

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