Sycamore takes additional COVID-19 precautions

Sycamore has taken additional precautions against the coronavirus in response to the governor’s orders, Mayor Tony Flood recently reported.

The utility, finance and administration offices are closed to the public. Employees will work in shifts with limited hours and remote working. “All functions of government, emergencies and business will be conducted,” Flood said. “All village crews will be operating in the same capacity.” Crews will limit unnecessary work and focus on running the utilities and vital services.

Residents should call the utility office at 419-927-4262 to report problems or ask questions.

The village has enacted the following additional changes:

  • All park playgrounds and restrooms are closed;
  • The recycling services are canceled;
  • The village will practice social distancing and the 10-person gathering order;
  • Council meetings will still be held, but meeting times and monthly frequencies may change. Meeting times will be announced.

The mayor also asked residents to support the local businesses that remain open.

“We apologize for any inconveniences this may bring but these actions are very necessary for safety and protection to all. Please remember our village is still operating and functioning,” Flood said. “We will get through this and become better in the end.”

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