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Advertise With Us

For advertising in our print editions and online, contact us at 419-396-7567 or e-mail for details. You may also contact Lori Musgrave at EDITION:
Advertising available online includes:
• Banner ads. Each individual ad will appear at the top of each online page.
• Business card ads. Each ad appears at the top right of each online page.
• Multi-media ads: Each advertisement appears in the print edition of both The Progressor-Times and Mohawk Leader and at the right of each online page.
• Town Crier Classified Advertising is available online for as low as $12 for a two-week period. Your advertisement will will appear in the regular editions of The Progressor-Times and The Mohawk Leader newspapers and online.


A rate card for both our print and online editions can be requested by calling 419-396-7567 or e-mailing

Design for printed advertisements is provided to all customers at no charge. Some online advertisements include a small set-up fee.
Art service includes contemporary art and illustrations at no charge to our customers.

Our news and advertising departments have been named the best in Ohio at the Ohio Newspaper Association awards show.

Closing time for display ads is 5 p.m. Friday before publication. For color ads or ads with difficult composition, the deadline is Thursday. Dates subject to change during holidays.

We publish at least one special section each month that appears in both our print and online editions:
• January: Health and fitness
• January: Wedding edition
• February: Senior citizen.
• March: Business card directory
• April: Gardening, home improvement
• May: Graduation
• June: Summer fun
• July: This is Wyandot County
• August: Back-to-School.
• September: Wyandot County Fair
• October: Auto
• November: Recipe guide
• December: Holiday greetings

a. We reserve the right to insert the word “advertisement” in all ads.
b. Liability for errors in advertisements shall not exceed the cost of the space occupied by the error. We will provide a correction letter, upon request.
c. All advertising accepted is subject to the approval of the publisher, who has the right to revise or reject all or any part of an advertisement.
d. Any ad cancelled after one-half or more has been produced will be charged production costs.
e. Reasonable position request will be met if possible but cannot be guaranteed.
f. We reserve the right to revise rates on 30 days written notice to the advertiser.

The Carey Times was established in May 1873. The Carey Progressor was first published on July 10, 1968. The two papers became one in 1971. The Mohawk Leader was first published as the Sycamore Leader in 1894. Both publications are paid circulation newspapers with second class mailing permits. Print edition cost: 75¢ single copy. See the “subscribe to newspaper” section in our main menu for print and online subscription prices.

Our publication is on the newsstand and in the mail each Tuesday. Our online edition is available each Monday and includes daily updates.